Manufacturer of Dry-Type-Vaporizers and Plants.

Our products

PP-Tec is your renowned manufacturer of dry vaporizers and systems for a variety of liquefied gases, including propane, butane and ammonia. Our outstanding performance and our wide range of products make us a prime partner for individual solutions in various fields of application.

Tailor-Made solutions according to your requirements

Our dry type vaporizers and systems are perfectly designed to meet your requirements. We offer a wide range of configuration options, including the integration of redundancy systems in vaporizers, measuring lines and customized control systems. Whether a biogas plant, a compact or large storage tank unit or a gas supply system for your community, we have the right solution for you.

Hot Water Vaporizers and systems tailored to your requirements

Our expertise also extends to Hot Water Vaporizer systems. We offer individual solutions that meet your requirements. Our Hot Water Vaporizer systems can even be equipped with external hot water processing to meet your requirements perfectly.

Container solutions for mixing plants (Propane-Air technology)

Our container solutions are ideal for propane-air mixing gas systems with a capacity of at least 2000 kW/h. We offer customized configurations that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our low-pressure systems are suitable for pressures up to 300 mbar, while our high-pressure systems operate from 500 mbar.

Precise liquid level gauges for storage plant and large tanks

PP-Tec is also your reliable partner for liquid level gauges that can be used in storage units and large tanks. Our high-end products provide precise measurements and maximum reliability.

Assemblies and regulator group according to your specifications

We also manufacture assemblies, including regulator groups, to meet your requirements. Whether on the tank or upstream of the final user, our assemblies ensure the smooth operation of your systems.

Consulting, Planning and Project Implementation according to customer specifications

Right from the start, our expert team is there at your side, to discuss, plan and implement your individual projects. We know that every project is totally unique, for this reason we develop solutions that perfectly match your requirements.

On-site Inspection and coordination possible at any time

We offer you the flexibility to carry out on-site inspections and coordination whenever convenient to you. Your project is important to us and we are able to answer any questions on site.

Support for authorization and approval procedures

We actively support you during the authorization and approval procedures to ensure that your projects run smoothly. Our experience and expertise enable you to overcome bureaucratic hurdles efficiently.

Maintenance and repair service on site.

Our trained and experienced staff is at your disposal to carry out maintenance and repair work on site. We understand the urgency of problems and offer short-term on- site services if faults occur that cannot be rectified by your specialist staff.

Telephone support and training

To avoid production downtimes, we provide telephone support for troubleshooting. Our specialist staff is available for you with advice and support. In addition, we offer trainings on our products, also directly on site. These training courses provide you with basic knowledge about the product and its components, troubleshooting procedures and solving problems.

Commissioning and Pipe connections

Your vaporizer systems are commissioned either at your premises or at your customer site - entirely according to your requirements. We also install the pipe connections from the tank to the system and from the system to your final user, according to your specifications.

Quality, individuality and performance are our first priority. Contact us today to learn more about our customized solutions for dry vaporizers, hot water vaporizers, level gauges and container solutions. We look forward to helping you meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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