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Family-oriented corporate culture, high quality standards

At PP-Tec, we attach great importance to a family work culture in which every employee is valued and respected. This positive atmosphere is reflected in our work and contributes directly to the high quality of our products and services.

Reliability and flexibility

Our highest principle is that quality will continue to take precedence over quantity. We focus on producing premium class LPG vaporizers, LPG facilities and related products rather than focusing on mass production. Our products meet the highest standards and offer customized solutions that meet your individual requirements.

We are aware that our customers count on us to secure their LPG supply. We therefore work with the the greatest diligence, precision and efficiency to deliver high quality equipment that is reliable and longlasting. Our goal is to always meet your needs and deliver within deadlines.


We understand that each customer has unique requirements. At PP-Tec, we are committed to providing made-to-measure solutions. Our experienced teams work closely with you to understand your specific needs and design your equipment accordingly. We offer flexible options to ensure you get the best possible solution which is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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At PP-Tec, we are passionate about providing our customers with excellent products, personalized service and establish long-term partnerships. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your specific requirements with our competent and experienced team. We would be pleased to assist you and even exceed your expectations.

Hans-Dieter Preuß


Hans-Dieter Preuß, born on 29 November 1958, is the founder and managing director of PP – Tec Innovative Flüssiggastechnik. He created a solid foundation for his career with training in welding technology and the title of industrial foreman in metal. After 16 years as an employee and production manager in a respected company, Preuß ventured into self-employment in 2007. Under his leadership, PP – Tec has made groundbreaking advances in liquefied petroleum gas technology that contribute to a more sustainable energy supply. Preuß’ path from training to successful entrepreneur is an inspiring example of expertise and innovative spirit.

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Bianca Brunke

Commercial employee & deputy management

Having completed her training as a craftswoman in 2002 and obtained her general higher education entrance qualification in 2005, Bianca Brunke combines sound practical knowledge with academic excellence. As an experienced commercial employee, she brings an understanding of business management and organisational skills to our team. In her role as deputy managing director, she makes a significant contribution to the successful management and development of our company.

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Simon Preuß

Production Manager

In 2018, Simon Preuß successfully completed his training as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician and developed strong technical skills in the process. Simon has been part of our team as Production Manager since 2021, bringing his expertise and passion for efficiency and quality to our work processes. With his deep understanding of technical processes and his management experience, Simon makes a significant contribution to the smooth running and continuous development of our production.

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Aleks Konradi

Technical Developer

Having trained as a technical geophysicist in Russia in 1989 (recognised in Germany as a comparable qualification: Mining Survey Technician), Aleks Konradi brought unique expertise and analytical skills to our team. His versatile expertise was further enriched by training as an industrial mechanic in 2002. Aleks has been working for us as a technical developer since 2015 and makes a significant contribution to the design of innovative solutions.

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